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Lorry McDonald - (member # 11692184)

I was born in Texas and raised in the military.  When my father retired we settled in Missouri and I have lived here ever since.

Andy and I have been married forever.  We are just as happy now as we were in the beginning.  We have 2 lovely daughters, 7 grand children and 1 great grand child all of whom we are very proud.  We are a crafting family and as such we have many hobbies.  My favorite is spinning, creating lovely yarns from bits of various fibers and then creating a unique work of art from the yarn.

After we moved to our farm and started raising Icelandic sheep, angora goats and alpacas, one of our goals was to raise them as organically as possible.  Grass fed without antibiotics or hormones of any kind.  It did not occur to me to do the same for my family until I was introduced to Young Living essential oils.  Now we are replacing all the chemicals in our home with essential oils: house hold cleaners, personal products, air fresheners and medications.

Right now my favorite essential oil is Theives, because it is so versatile and so powerful, however my favorites list is growing because how can you have just one favorite?    

My ‘ah-ha’ moment was when I discovered that ALL the Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade (the very best), genuine, free of harmful synthetics, of unmatched purity and are a pristine final product created without compromise. As my life moves down the organic, natural, healthy, detoxified path that only pure essential oils can provide,  I want to help others, especially my family and friends to do the same.   

lorry mcdonald - yes, she is picture shy.

lorry mcdonald - yes, she is picture shy.

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Mylissa grace

Mylissa grace

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