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To save, To share, and to earn.

There are 3 ways to enjoy and incorporate YL essential oils into your life.  You can simply order them online through our retail store 'BWT Essential Oils'.  You can join us as a member to order YL essential oils using the member discount of 24% and join our 'Essential Rewards' program to earn free oils.  You can become a Distributor to increase savings and to build a compensation plan that will change your life. 

Young Living blends - sara, joy and frankincense

Young Living blends - sara, joy and frankincense

Retail purchasing only.

Simply logon into our online store and order the oils or other healthy living products that you love and trust.

While you are there, spend some time reading about the benifits of becoming a Young Living member.

BWT Essential Oils

Young Living Oils

Young Living Oils

Become a YL member

The very best way to save money on shipping and to earn free products while you re-order supplies that you use all the time is to become a YL member.  This is refereed to as the 'Essential Rewards' option. 

What is Essential Rewards?  It is an optional monthly shipment program that offers discounted shipping and LOTs of credit towards free oils when you order at least 50 PV (personal volume) per month.

Why Enroll?  Flexibility - you choose the products that you want each month.  Continue with your favorites or try something new.  Savings - save 20% of retail cost by joining.  Free oils - each order you place on Essential Rewards earns you points, you can redeem them for almost anything that YL has to offer.

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Become a YL Distributor

As a Distributor you will have all the benefits of a member, including the Essential Rewards program AND the ability to build an income by participating in the YL compensation plan. 

YL has one of the industry's most generous compensation plans.  They offer a higher-than-average payout through commissions, sizeable bonuses,  and retail sales - just for sharing essential oils!

YL offers Fast Start Bonuses, Start Living Bonuses and Retreats, but best of all is the huge amounts of training to help you build your business. 

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If you already know you want essential oils to be a part of your life and you want to order your Premium Starter Kit from us, Click Here

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